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Fear of Public Speaking is only second to the fear of death. OK, people also fear running out of money, but it's not even close to the fear of public speaking. I can feel your pain now. Sweaty palms, wobbly ankles, deer in the headlight look, shaking voice. And the fear of no one caring what you have to say. Or fear of the 'imposter syndrome.' Well FEAR NO MORE my friend. These 5 Proven Ways will help you to get over your fear of public speaking right away. Even if that audience is an audience of one. 

You may have to give a talk at work, to a loved one, to an organization, or on a grand stage like TED or TEDx or a Global Conference. I've done all of these and every one is scary. But I use these 5 proven ways to get over my fear and guess what? I nail it every time. And now, YOU WILL TOO! 

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  • How to practice so you don't miss a word
  • How to frame your audience as your biggest fan
  • How to inject your story and maybe a little humor to keep them on the edge of their seat in the first minute

Hey there! I'm Jody B. Miller... 

I'm a TEDx and Global Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Work Happiness Expert (Yes, there is such a thing!), Podcast Host and Speech & Performance Coach.

I have helped many people create and deliver unforgettable talks to audiences of all sizes for years. Secret: I also coach people on television every single week. And I am here to share all I have learned and experienced with you. My promise? It works! We'll have you standing tall and nailing any talk in no time. Your Coach - Jody


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